Thursday, May 1, 2008

Atlanta's own 'Bucks

Sand Hill Road near Palo Alto has long been the hub for many of the largest venture capital firms. Close to Sand Hill Road, in Woodside, is a little restaurant called Bucks. If you're an entrepreneur in the Valley, Bucks is known as THE place to go to meet and maybe pitch a VC. On any given morning you are sure to see a half dozen pitches going on over coffee and eggs.

Atlanta now has its very own Bucks. More like a 'star' Bucks. The Starbucks at 5th and Spring, between the Georgia Tech bookstore and the College of Management, has now become the place to be for the startup community in Atlanta. You can meet other entrepreneurs, talk to the movers and shakers, even pitch a deal. On any given morning you might see Knox Massey, or Stephen Fleming, or Sig Mosley, or Lance Weatherby and many others who are making Atlanta such a terrific place for creating startup technology businesses. 'Bucks is right across the street from ATDC and VentureLab making it an ideal meeting spot. I am there at least 3 mornings a week having coffee - come over and get involved.

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