Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Don't read this blog in a browser

Most people unfortunately still use a browser to read blogs. Until 3 months ago, so did I. Then NewsGator made all of their RSS readers available for free. They have an amazing RSS reader for the Mac - NetNewsWire. The PC version is terrific as well - FeedDemon. Go to their site, download it, and start using it. Why use an RSS reader? Follow five times as many blogs in half the time. An order of magnitude improvement in efficiency!

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Rob Kischuk said...

+1 on the merits of NetNewsWire, though I do think their PC, FeedDemon, is superior.

For me, the big advantage over Thunderbird or Google Reader was that NewsGator syncs your subscriptions and what you've read, so you can switch between reading on a web interface, desktop client, and mobile client, and keep up with what you have that's "Unread"