Thursday, May 8, 2008

Entrepreneurs' Showcase on May 15th

One of the biggest events of the Atlanta entrepreneurial calendar is just one week away!

Biltmore.jpgEvery year, ATDC and VentureLab hold a showcase of our companies... recognizing both past and present participants, honoring that year's graduates, and hopefully enticing some future participants as well! This year, we've outgrown our own facilities, and are holding the event at the Biltmore (two blocks away).

VentureLab graduates this year are:

  • Pramana
  • Qualtré
  • Suniva
  • Verco Materials
  • Zenda Technologies

Over forty ATDC companies will be holding forth in a trade-show format, as well as eight selected GT commercialization opportunities along "VentureLab Row." You can see their products under development, talk to the entrepreneurial leaders, and get up to date on what's happen at both ATDC and VentureLab.

Attendance is free, but you need to RSVP now, since we've already registered 500 participants, and we're probably going to hit space constraints in the next couple of days. Registration is at 2:00, the graduation celebration is at 2:30, and the company showcase will run until 4:30ish.

Come join us!

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