Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Interesting companies at Startup Riot

Yesterday was an awesome day full of startup goodness. 55 companies presented for 3 minutes to an eager (and sometimes snarky) crowd of fellow entrepreneurs, investors and Atlanta technology fans. Here are a handful of companies that I personally found interesting. (In case there is any confusion - none of these are VentureLab companies)

Jungle Disk is a storage tool that lets you easily leverage the Amazon S3 storage system from your PC or Mac. Think of it as a infinite sized J: drive on your PC. It's dirt simple to use. A great concept.

Purewire was founded by a team out of CipherTrust. They are working to make the web safer by, as they say, "protect users from malicious People, Places and Things on the Web".

Quantum XML was definitely my favorite logo of the day. Brad Anderson and his partners are building an appliance to process XML streams at wire speed. A huge problem in financial services and oil exploration or any industry generating ridiculously massive streams of data. They help you drink out of a data firehose.

Servinity addresses a huge problem in the bar and restaurant business. How to find people and manage their schedules. They have also done something really amazing - they have created the Servinity Blog which tracks their process in building the business. Fascinating reading.

BeyondLS is an attempt to replace the real estate multiple listing service with a new focus on social networking. The existing MLS is so far beyond repair that I am really rooting for this to work.

BrokenCurve is working to build "Entities Of Gravity" around celebrities and brands. Their focus is the urban market and their goal is to monetize their clients digital assets on computers, mobile devices and television.

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iziah said...

It was a great event. Glad to have been a part of it.