Sunday, June 1, 2008

Replace the Lightbulb, Win Money

Thomas Edison's invention has had a nice run. Maybe it is time for a new innovation to replace the venerable light bulb. The Department of Energy has announced the L Prize. The goal is spur innovation in solid-state lighting. Up to $20M in prize money will be available.

25% of the electricity use in a typical home is for lighting. Compact fluorescents can reduce power by 75%. The L Prize hopes to spur innovation to reduce the power required by a 60W incandescent bulb by as much as 90%. Got an idea?

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Stephen Fleming said...

I'm a huge fan of prizes to solve major problems. You normally get a significant multiple of the prize money spent on various approaches to the problem... and, even though you only have to pay one winner, you sometimes get multiple solutions!

Multiple proofs dating back to the solving of the longitude problem in the late 18th century. Prizes work.