Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Open Publishing of NIH Funded Research

In the 2008 Labor-HHS bill, Congress is now requiring that all scientific papers that are based on NIH funding, must be submitted to the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Central on line archive. Since most all papers are initially published in scholarly journals, the legislation allows up to 12-months for the paper to be submitted to the open database.

The research is funded by the US Government. The research is usually performed in state-owned University facilities. The Universities retain the right to claim ownership of any intellectual property. It is the the direction of Congress that the results of the research be available for all to see and available in a designated on-line database.

Who could be opposed to this? Apparently not all journals are on board. When a paper is published, the journal takes ownership of the copyright of the paper. They do not compensate the authors. They also do not compensate the peer-reviewers either. And they have a one-year exclusive to the paper itself. The American Psychological Association has decided that they will not allow the authors to submit the paper to the online database, and they will charge the Universities $2,5000 for each paper submitted to the database.

What do you think of this new law and the APA's policy? For more information on the topic, go here.

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